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ITS – McCain Partnership

Innovative Traffic Solutions, Inc. Announces Exclusive Distributorship and Expanded Product Line with McCain Inc. For Canada 

Innovative Traffic Solutions, Inc (ITS) is pleased to announce our new partnership with McCain Inc. Under this partnership ITS shall have exclusive distribution rights of McCain’s entire line of advanced traffic equipment including, traffic signals, programmable signal heads, traffic controllers and cabinets, battery backup cabinets, test equipment, signs, pedestrian pushbuttons, and signal framework.

Additionally, our partnership with McCain’s ITS Solutions Group, will enable ITS to bring to the Canadian traffic marketplace a complete array of local controller software solutions, adaptive signal control and central system software to meet the challenging demands of the Canadian Transportation Networks.

About McCain Inc. 

McCain Inc. is a recognized leader and pioneer of advanced traffic control equipment that protects the public, reduces congestion, and promotes urban mobility. Founded in 1987, McCain is a proven leader in the design and manufacture of intelligent transportation systems that stand the test of time. A vertically-integrated company with expansive North American operations, McCain’s agile manufacturing offers an array of industry standard, agency specific, and Made in North America Solutions.

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