ATC Cabinets: The Road to 500


ATC Cabinets: The Road to 500

This year marked a major milestone for Team McCain as we celebrated the 500th sale of our game changing ATC Cabinets! Since its introduction in 2013, the cabinets’ advanced safety features and modern technology have boosted safety and mobility, driving the industry into the next frontier. Join us as we highlight some of the most impressive features that led us down the road to 500.

One Technology, Multiple Solutions

We all know that when it comes to traffic there is no one-size-fits all solution. So, when we introduced the ATC Cabinet Series, we wanted to leverage one technology across multiple cabinet footprints, allowing for more flexibility with intersection management and cabinet configuration.

Central business districts, for example, are using the small but mighty Backpack Cabinet to manage two and four phase intersections or even mid-block HAWK applications. The 25-inch cabinet offers the same advanced features as larger cabinets, such as load current and flasher monitoring, but in a compact and lightweight design that can easily be pole or pedestal mounted, freeing up valuable sidewalk space without losing functionality.

Then there are locations that need a larger solution to run complex intersections with more efficiency than previous technologies ever could. The Oklahoma DOT is currently running 31 out of the available 32 channel inputs on the 350i ATC Cabinet, effectively managing three intersections with a single cabinet.