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ENCOM’s Industry Leading History

For over 30 years, ENCOM Wireless has been delivering wireless data solutions to municipal and industrial customers across North America. Our innovative wireless solutions enable our customers to CONNECT EVERYTHING – empowering advanced applications and reducing costs. Founded in Calgary, Alberta Canada, Encom Wireless Data Solutions has been the leading industry leader.

ITS-McCain Partnership




Innovative Traffic Solutions, Inc. Announces Exclusive Distributorship and Expanded Product Line with McCain Inc. For Canada 

Innovative Traffic Solutions, Inc (ITS) is pleased to announce our new partnership with McCain Inc. Under this partnership ITS shall have exclusive distribution rights of McCain’s entire line of advanced traffic equipment including, traffic signals, programmable signal heads, traffic controllers and cabinets, battery backup cabinets, test equipment, signs, pedestrian pushbuttons, and signal framework.

Additionally, our partnership with McCain’s ITS Solutions Group, will enable ITS to bring to the Canadian traffic marketplace a complete array of local controller software solutions, adaptive signal control and central system software to meet the challenging demands of the Canadian Transportation Networks.

About McCain Inc.

McCain Inc. is a recognized leader and pioneer of advanced traffic control equipment that protects the public, reduces congestion, and promotes urban mobility. Founded in 1987, McCain is a proven leader in the design and manufacture of intelligent transportation systems that stand the test of time. A vertically-integrated company with expansive North American operations, McCain’s agile manufacturing offers an array of industry standard, agency specific, and Made in North America Solutions.

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Pelco Products, Inc. is an Oklahoma based, family-owned business specializing in the design and manufacture of traffic signal hardware, utility products and decorative outdoor lighting. Celebrating 25 years of success in 2010, Pelco Products, Inc. has become a world leader in their industry by providing high quality, custom designed products and outstanding customer service.

With over 260 employees, Pelco Products, Inc. is the largest traffic signal hardware manufacturer in the nation, selling products in all 50 states and multiple international markets. With Pelco Products, innovation always comes standard.



Multilink was founded in 1983 in a town called Elyria in Lorain County, Ohio, 25 miles west of Cleveland, coordinates 41.3684°N, 82.1076°W. The associates and owners of Multilink have dedicated their resources and services to designing and creating world-class products and solutions for broadband, telecom, industrial, renewable, utility, data center, military and DOT/ITS applications.

Our development process consists of state-of-the-art manufacturing procedures that include software development, product services, network powering, sheet metal fabrication, powder coating, plastic extrusion, injection molding, fiber optic assembly and the use of vendor-managed inventory logistics.


Canoga™ C9004 Detector Card

  • Single Loop Speed and Count Capability at low speeds* (only detector on the market capable of single loop counts)
  • Dual Loop Speed and Count Capability at low speeds
  • Front Panel LCD Display
  • Internal Loop Diagnostics
  • Channel by Channel Programmability
  • Status Output
  • Switch Output
  • Loop or Mirco-Loop Operation
  • Four Channel – Half Width Card

*Patent Pending


Canoga™ C922 and C924 Detector Card

Canoga™ C922 and C924 Vehicle Detectors measure vehicle presence, count and roadway occupancy with industry-leading accuracy and reliability through superior inductive vehicle

Canoga C922 is a two-channel vehicle detector and the Canoga C924 is a four channel vehicle detector. Both are designed to
meet U.S. control cabinet rack standards. They are configured using Canoga™ C900 Configuration Software. Through the Canoga
C900-CS, users are able to easily change a detector’s configuration, view binning data, monitor traffic real-time (including speed and
length), and view detector status.

Canoga C922 and C924 allow remote access through serial
ports on the front of the detector and on the back panel connector.


Canoga™ 942E and 944E Traffic Monitoring Card

Real-time Traffic Data

Canoga 942E and 944E make available two types of information for real-time traffic monitoring:

• Individual vehicle speed and length
• Mean speed, count and occupancy collected during consecutive, user-defined time periods

This information is stored in a circular, rotating, volatile memory buffer sized to hold the last 15 minutes or more of data. The buffer
permits rapid polling of Canoga 942E and 944E without loss of data should communication errors occur.