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Wireless Beacon Control Unit (WBCU)

ENCOM’s Contact Closure products use state-of-the-art 900MHz frequency-hopping spread-spectrum technology.

WBCU provide bulletproof wireless communication, operating in mission critical applications and preventing traffic accidents when employed in commercial vehicle inspection stations, traffic signal pre-emption systems and school zone flashing beacon systems.


SBX Remote I/O

Combine the Harmony SBX Remote I/O device with any of the Harmony Gateway products and STRATOS ELITE Central Soft ware to build an end to end monitoring and control solution. The Harmony SBX Remote I/O features a powerful and field proven 900MHz FHSS radio that creates a wireless network to an associated Harmony Gateway at ranges up to 20 miles. Up to 254 Harmony SBX Remote I/O units can communicate with one Harmony Gateway. The Harmony SBX Remote I/O integrates seamlessly with new or existing School Zone Flashing Beacons or Solar Power Systems and provides instant connectivity, capabilities of your systems with ease.


Gateway Advanced I/O

The Harmony Gateway Advanced radio is a cost-eff ective, easy-to-integrate means of adding smart wireless connectivity to your system. By collecting performance data and managing remote sites without site visits, Harmony optimizes operations through improved system performance and reduced maintenance costs. Harmony Series wireless devices combined with STRATOS ELITE Central Soft ware enable agencies to ‘connect everything’ through a private Wide Area Network or the 4G LTE Cellular system. This system is not simply a wireless connection, it is an end-to-end wireless monitoring and control solution designed for both small- and large-scale deployments.



The ENERGY 300 Mbps Outdoor Radio Series is a high performance
Access Point and Subscriber unit designed for faster throughput and
greater coverage in outdoor environments. The 300 Mbps bandwidth is able to accommodate the most demanding of applications such as video streaming or back-haul applications with the reliability and security that ENCOM provides.

• UP to 300Mbps
• 4.900 – 5.925 GHz (Subject to Country Regulations)
• RSSI LEDs & Reset functionality
• Embedded GPS
• Power LED
• 10/100/1000 PoE+Data Out
• Each radio can perform as Master, Remote
• or Repeater
• Range in excess of 20 miles (LOS)
• Power over Ethernet
• Every unit supplied with STRATOS I/O diagnostics, monitoring
and maintenance tool free of charge
• Extensive suite of security features


E-Lite 450

Based on the 802.11ac standard the E-LITE 450 supports speeds of up to 866 Mbps. With Gigabit LAN, a proprietary eMAX protocol and MIMO technology the E-LITE 450 provides the highest throughput and lowest latency even in the most challenging RF environment.

• Up to 866 Mbps
• RSSI LEDs and Reset functionality
• Power LED
• Integrated GPS for location tracking
• 802.3af/at Power over Ethernet
• Each radio can perform as Master, Remote or Repeater
• Range in excess of 20 miles (LOS)
• Every unit supplied with STRATOS+ diagnostics, monitoring
and maintenance
• Extensive suite of security features

gateway basic

Gateway Basic

Harmony Gateway Basic is the connection point or ‘ON Ramp’ between your municipal Wide Area Network (WAN) or external cellular modem and the Harmony SBX Remote I/O radio to provide central monitoring and control to AC and Solar powered school zone beacons. STRATOS ELITE Central Soft – ware communicates through the Gateway to the Harmony SBX remote and creates an end to end monitoring and control solution.



The COMMPAK I/O8 has been designed specifically for ON/OFF control and detection applications. This radio features Bi-Directional communications and the ability to confirm switch closure at a remote site.