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Smart Tracker

Multilink’s Smart Tracker is a Remote Power Manager designed to provide 8 resettable outlets for any piece of equipment attached to it. Its internet connectivity allows it provide up-to-date operating parameters and remote access, eliminating the need for technician assistance. Through many of its features and benefits, the Smart Tracker is a comprehensive smart outlet strip that allows users to take control of their industrial equipment. It is the final solution to remote equipment deployment in your industry.



Through the on board webpage the user can reset a remote device, eliminating the need for manual resetting. Users also have the ability to schedule devices on each outlet to turn on/off at specific time intervals.



Through GPS tracking you will be able to know the exact location of the Smart Tracker deployed in your system.



The Smart Tracker can provide event logs for each event that takes place on its outlets, digital inputs, or outputs. This allows for easy tracking and reporting on equipment usage.

2212-HV McCain


CMU-2212 is the ATC Cabinet Monitor Unit (CMU)

  • CMU 2212-HV: 32 channel capability with Ethernet for 120 Vac cabinets
  • CMU 2212-LV: 32 channel capability with Ethernet for 48 Vdc cabinets

Comes with data key and programmer

ADU 2220 McCain

ADU 2220

Auxiliary Display Unit (ADU) is a rack mount 32 Channel intersection display interfacing with the CMU-2212

  • ADU-2220: ATC Cabinet, 48 Vdc powered
  • ADU-2220C: ATC Cabinet, 48 Vdc powered, Compact 14″ size
2202-HV MccainRR


ATC Cabinet Dual switch pack/flasher, Model 2202

  • Model 2202-HV: High Density Universal Switch Pack / Flasher, 120 Vac
  • Model 2202-LV: High Density Universal Switch Pack / Flasher, 48 Vdc

“M” ATC Cabinet

The M ATC Cabinet is part of McCain’s revolutionary ATC cabinet series which provides the latest in ATC technology to meet the needs of today’s LED intersections. The traditional “M” footprint features side-by-side front and back-door design with reduced door swing, ideal for congested or narrow walkways. Through best-in-class diagnostics, smart components, and cutting-edge technology, McCain’s ATC Cabinets are the safest available today. With the most sold in the industry, our proven ATC Cabinets meet the needs of today’s smart cities and are ready for tomorrow’s challenges, including the future of connected and autonomous vehicles

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No matter what your network mix currently is, ENCOM STRATOS ELITE soft ware and Harmony wireless devices can bring connectivity, visibility, and manageability to sites and systems that were previously not ‘online’. Our platform is interoperable with any private Ethernet network (fiber optic, copper or wireless) and can also be used in conjunction with 3/4G Cellular networks to bring back valuable data from any type of field device, no matter its age or type, and no matter where it is located.

Devices that were never meant to be viewed and managed remotely now can be monitored from a central site with ease with Harmony. Valuable data about the health of each site can be seen in real ti me and logged for analysis. This enables dramatic improvements in preventative maintenance planning. Take the example of a stand alone solar power site with a vehicle counter. Most of these sites consist of a solar panel, a non intelligent charge controller, a battery, and a vehicle sensor. Typically these sites were not designed to be a part of a communication network and there is no place to connect a standard Ethernet or serial port.



The EP1100 Line Interactive UPS series of power supplies provides filtered and regulated AC output power of proper voltage to operate traffic signals, conflict monitors, camera equipment, lighting, and additional applications used in Departments of Transportation and Intelligent Traffic Systems (DOT/ITS). Built in intelligence provides continuous operation during brownout and voltage spike with Automatic Voltage Regulation. A heavy duty battery charger and robust inverter provide backup power and recharging when line voltage is present. Status monitoring capabilities are provided though and LCD display, serial interface, and optional Ethernet network card for remote monitoring.



Wireless Beacon Control Unit (WBCU)

ENCOM’s Contact Closure products use state-of-the-art 900MHz frequency-hopping spread-spectrum technology.

WBCU provide bulletproof wireless communication, operating in mission critical applications and preventing traffic accidents when employed in commercial vehicle inspection stations, traffic signal pre-emption systems and school zone flashing beacon systems.


SBX Remote I/O

Combine the Harmony SBX Remote I/O device with any of the Harmony Gateway products and STRATOS ELITE Central Soft ware to build an end to end monitoring and control solution. The Harmony SBX Remote I/O features a powerful and field proven 900MHz FHSS radio that creates a wireless network to an associated Harmony Gateway at ranges up to 20 miles. Up to 254 Harmony SBX Remote I/O units can communicate with one Harmony Gateway. The Harmony SBX Remote I/O integrates seamlessly with new or existing School Zone Flashing Beacons or Solar Power Systems and provides instant connectivity, capabilities of your systems with ease.


Gateway Advanced I/O

The Harmony Gateway Advanced radio is a cost-eff ective, easy-to-integrate means of adding smart wireless connectivity to your system. By collecting performance data and managing remote sites without site visits, Harmony optimizes operations through improved system performance and reduced maintenance costs. Harmony Series wireless devices combined with STRATOS ELITE Central Soft ware enable agencies to ‘connect everything’ through a private Wide Area Network or the 4G LTE Cellular system. This system is not simply a wireless connection, it is an end-to-end wireless monitoring and control solution designed for both small- and large-scale deployments.