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ENCOM’s Industry Leading History

For over 30 years, ENCOM Wireless has been delivering wireless data solutions to municipal and industrial customers across North America. Our innovative wireless solutions enable our customers to CONNECT EVERYTHING – empowering advanced applications and reducing costs. Founded in Calgary, Alberta Canada, Encom Wireless Data Solutions has been the leading industry leader.

ATC Standard


ATC Cabinets: The Road to 500

This year marked a major milestone for Team McCain as we celebrated the 500th sale of our game changing ATC Cabinets! Since its introduction in 2013, the cabinets’ advanced safety features and modern technology have boosted safety and mobility, driving the industry into the next frontier. Join us as we highlight some of the most impressive features that led us down the road to 500.

One Technology, Multiple Solutions

We all know that when it comes to traffic there is no one-size-fits all solution. So, when we introduced the ATC Cabinet Series, we wanted to leverage one technology across multiple cabinet footprints, allowing for more flexibility with intersection management and cabinet configuration.

Central business districts, for example, are using the small but mighty Backpack Cabinet to manage two and four phase intersections or even mid-block HAWK applications. The 25-inch cabinet offers the same advanced features as larger cabinets, such as load current and flasher monitoring, but in a compact and lightweight design that can easily be pole or pedestal mounted, freeing up valuable sidewalk space without losing functionality.

Then there are locations that need a larger solution to run complex intersections with more efficiency than previous technologies ever could. The Oklahoma DOT is currently running 31 out of the available 32 channel inputs on the 350i ATC Cabinet, effectively managing three intersections with a single cabinet.


Canadian Network Broadcasting

Innovative Traffic Solutions


Kids Back-to-School Road Safety Program.

Make sure to tune into CHML 900 AM and K-LITE 102.9 FM between the days of September 06, 2016 and September 12, 2016 throughout the hours of 5:00 AM – 1:00 AM to catch your local traffic company Innovative Traffic Solutions promoting safety for our kids and the community on their departures back to school! Wishing them all a safe and successful school year!!! Please be aware of school zones and use precaution when entering these areas. Put the phone down, coffee down and any other distractions down and stay focused on the road to ensure the safety of all the young minds headed back to school! Have a great day!

Canadian Network Broadcasting develops RADIO campaigns designed to bring good works to life in Canadian communities from coast to coast.


Applied Information


  • Field devices collect data
  • Telematics communication through wireless, cellular, satellite
  • Data is sent to the Applied Information cloud server
  • Information is delivered via email, text or through a browser

The Applied Information system starts by connecting the core pieces of your traffic system to the Glance Central system. This could be your Traffic Signal Controller, Pedestrian Safety Device, DMS Signs, Mobile Vehicle Assets, etc.

Applied Information can connect to our assets using a wide range of telematics communication.  This makes connecting your devices with the cloud effortless. Once your devices are connected to the Glance central system you can then manage and monitoring your assets through a simple web browser. We then take this data and turn data into information.


  • A custom set of business rules are established
  • Data from the devices is measured against these rules
  • Glance, the software that powers Applied Information, translates that data into easy to understand graphs, reports, charts and alarms
  • Turn Data into Information

Once your devices are connected to the network, we process the data against a set of business rules, unique to your business, established by our industry experts. These rules, in any form, from simple thresholds to complex predictive algorithms, drive the monitoring and predictive capabilities of each individual device by means of predetermined ranges, trending and fleet wide anomalies to provide abnormal situation management. The data is then converted into clear information and key performance indicators, equipping you to enhance your business. By this way we turn data into information.

170e support


McCain’s 170E Traffic Controller Production & Support Is Stronger Than Ever!

Rumour has it that production and support for 170E traffic controllers will cease. While this may be true for other manufacturers, McCain currently has no plans to discontinue production or support of its line of 170E controllers.

With deployments worldwide, ITS/McCain are as committed as ever to providing top-notch support to all of our valued customers.

So, rest assured that you will continue to receive unrivaled support from ITS and McCain.

ITS-McCain Partnership




Innovative Traffic Solutions, Inc. Announces Exclusive Distributorship and Expanded Product Line with McCain Inc. For Canada 

Innovative Traffic Solutions, Inc (ITS) is pleased to announce our new partnership with McCain Inc. Under this partnership ITS shall have exclusive distribution rights of McCain’s entire line of advanced traffic equipment including, traffic signals, programmable signal heads, traffic controllers and cabinets, battery backup cabinets, test equipment, signs, pedestrian pushbuttons, and signal framework.

Additionally, our partnership with McCain’s ITS Solutions Group, will enable ITS to bring to the Canadian traffic marketplace a complete array of local controller software solutions, adaptive signal control and central system software to meet the challenging demands of the Canadian Transportation Networks.

About McCain Inc.

McCain Inc. is a recognized leader and pioneer of advanced traffic control equipment that protects the public, reduces congestion, and promotes urban mobility. Founded in 1987, McCain is a proven leader in the design and manufacture of intelligent transportation systems that stand the test of time. A vertically-integrated company with expansive North American operations, McCain’s agile manufacturing offers an array of industry standard, agency specific, and Made in North America Solutions.

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