Applied Information


  • Field devices collect data
  • Telematics communication through wireless, cellular, satellite
  • Data is sent to the Applied Information cloud server
  • Information is delivered via email, text or through a browser

The Applied Information system starts by connecting the core pieces of your traffic system to the Glance Central system. This could be your Traffic Signal Controller, Pedestrian Safety Device, DMS Signs, Mobile Vehicle Assets, etc.

Applied Information can connect to our assets using a wide range of telematics communication.  This makes connecting your devices with the cloud effortless. Once your devices are connected to the Glance central system you can then manage and monitoring your assets through a simple web browser. We then take this data and turn data into information.


  • A custom set of business rules are established
  • Data from the devices is measured against these rules
  • Glance, the software that powers Applied Information, translates that data into easy to understand graphs, reports, charts and alarms
  • Turn Data into Information

Once your devices are connected to the network, we process the data against a set of business rules, unique to your business, established by our industry experts. These rules, in any form, from simple thresholds to complex predictive algorithms, drive the monitoring and predictive capabilities of each individual device by means of predetermined ranges, trending and fleet wide anomalies to provide abnormal situation management. The data is then converted into clear information and key performance indicators, equipping you to enhance your business. By this way we turn data into information.