McCain Inc. is a pioneer of advanced traffic control equipment that protects the public, reduces congestion, and promotes urban mobility. Founded in 1987, McCain is a vertically-integrated company that bridges the gap between design, quality, and service creating the ultimate customer experience.

McCain’s extensive product portfolio, consisting of: cabinets, controllers, signals, signs, software systems, and specialty products, offers customers one convenient location to find everything they need. McCain’s sole mission is to provide customers with the solutions and support they need to achieve their desired outcomes.



In business since 1938, Dialight has been pioneering some of the most innovative applications in LED technology since it was developed in the early 1970s.

Our LED products for the electronics industry have given engineers better ways to indicate status on all kinds of equipment. Dialight LED traffic signals have saved municipalities millions of dollars in energy costs and maintenance. Our LED signal and marker lights for heavy-duty vehicles often outlast the vehicles themselves.

We put our expertise to work for you by designing the most reliable and cost-effective LED products available. As a vertically integrated supplier, Dialight has the resources to design and produce everything in-house, supported by a global sales and distribution network. So if you are looking for the best and brightest in LEDs, look no further than Dialight.

Innovative Traffic Solutions Inc. is the Distributor for Ontario and the Maritimes.



3M has been the worldwide leader in developing products, systems, and services for the transportation safety,
traffic management, vehicle registration and commercial transportation markets for more than 65 years.

Improving materials, systems, and services to better serve motorists in today’s challenging driving conditions has
become a critical transportation issue. 3M constantly upgrades its product, system and service offerings by developing and integrating new technologies into total solutions that improve traffic management and enhance motorist safety.

Contact Innovative Traffic Solutions Inc. for:

  • 3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG^3 Reflective Sheeting 4091 Yellow
  • 3M™ Detector Loop Sealant 5000


Thirty years ago, MS SEDCO began opening doors. Our own were first. The others would follow. And since that time, our state-of-the-art motion and presence sensors and electromechanical switches have literally opened tens of thousands of doors for our customers all over the planet

Today, we have evolved to become an industry leader in sensor and switch systems for automatic door and pedestrian and traffic control. Our products are designed to work with any complementary system from any manufacturer and to meet the quality and price specifications of the most demanding customer. And we guarantee every one for at least a year from the date of purchase.



Pelco Products, Inc. is an Oklahoma based, family-owned business specializing in the design and manufacture of traffic signal hardware, utility products and decorative outdoor lighting. Celebrating 25 years of success in 2010, Pelco Products, Inc. has become a world leader in their industry by providing high quality, custom designed products and outstanding customer service.

With over 260 employees, Pelco Products, Inc. is the largest traffic signal hardware manufacturer in the nation, selling products in all 50 states and multiple international markets. With Pelco Products, innovation always comes standard.